The organization was established in 1988, and the late Mr. George Campbell was the founder and first President.  The league started with 64 players made up of 4 teams that played their games at D’Aubigny Creek Park in Brantford.


Today, the league has grown with a membership group of more than 250 players comprised of 2 divisions – Over-35 Soccer and The Masters (Over – 45).  The 35 Soccer group is made up of 10 teams that play on Sunday mornings, and the Masters group play on Friday nights.  Both leagues play at the WIFO Soccer Park in Paris.


The objective of the organization is to provide our members with fun, fitness and friendly competition through recreational soccer.


Executive Committee (2018):


President – Vince Suglio

Vice President – Les Meszaros

Treasurer – Les Meszaros

Secretary - John Tuori

Master's Player Rep - Nick Bronwell


Master’s Convenors– Matt Free and Steve Redden




1.1 The name of the league shall be the Brantford Over 35 Soccer League.

1.2 The accepted abbreviation for the league shall be “B035SL”

1.3 The League’s internet domain shall be www.brantfordover35.com

1.4 The League’s general email address will be brantfordo35@gmail.com

1.5 The league consists of two divisions: Brantford Over 35 Soccer and Masters Over 48 Division.





2.1       The objective of the league is to provide registered players with an organized structured soccer environment, promoting fun, fitness, and friendly competition.

2.2      To develop and encourage sportsmanship, community spirit, and good fellowship among all players to the betterment of their physical, mental and social well-being, regardless of their skill/or fitness level.

2.3     To establish a league which enables adult men to enjoy playing the game of soccer for recreation-safely and free from harassment

2.4     To place all registered players, who are in good standing as per the league constitution, on the league’s draft list.

2.5    To establish transparency of the day to day league business by allowing all players in good standing to attend the AGM, year-end banquet, or any other meetings, but only with the express invitation of the Executive.





2.6   “Our mission is to offer adult men the best possible soccer opportunities in our community. We promote healthy activity, good sportsmanship and team play, and we strive to make the game of soccer a fun and enjoyable experience for our players and their families.”





  1. The Executive Committee comprising of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Masters Convener that shall conduct all league business.

  2. The election of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Master Convener will be by show of hands at the Annual General Meeting.

  3. The Annual General Meeting is open to paid players only and anyone wishing to take a position on the Executive and must be nominated at this meeting.

  4. Nominated individuals must have been in the league for no less than five (5) consecutive years and should be in good standings.

  5. Should any position not be filled after the AGM, it will be the responsibility of the new Executive, or present Executive where applicable, to appoint a suitable candidate.

  6.      The Executive Committee shall meet at the call of the President, or at such times as set

by the Committee.


  1.   The term of office for the Executive Committee shall be a period of Four (4) years.

  2.   The Executive Committee shall be responsible for all the affairs of the league. The Executive Members shall exercise all such powers and do all such acts and things as may be exercised or done for the league or any resolution of the league.

  3.  From time to time in the event of any vacancy however caused occurring on the Committee (except through an increase in the number of Executive Committee positions), such vacancy may, as long as there is a quorum of committee members then in office, be filled by the committee if they see fit to do so; otherwise, such vacancy may be filled at the next Annual General Meeting.

  4. The Executive Committee Members of the league shall serve without remuneration and they shall not directly or indirectly receive any profit from their position as such; provided that they may be paid reasonable expenses incurred by them in the performance of their duties.






4.1     The President shall exercise general supervision over all the affairs of the league.

4.2     The President shall preside and chair at all meetings of the league and have one casting vote only. He will make the final decision in all matters that end in a tie.

4.3    The President shall have such other powers and duties as may from time to time be assigned to him or that are instant to his position or office.

4.4    The President shall be the spokesperson for the league, and in his absence, the Vice President shall take the chair.

4.5       The Vice-President shall be the senior officer next to the President, and shall have such other duties as prescribed by the Executive Committee.

4.6       The President can be a signing Officer for the league.

4.7       The President shall be responsible for the fiscal affairs of the league and shall provide a financial accounting at each meeting of the Executive Committee.



Vice - President    


4.8      The Vice-President shall assist the President in connection with general supervision over all the affairs of the League.

4.9      The Vice-President shall have one vote in all club matters.

4.10    The Vice-President shall act as Chairperson at all meetings of the League affairs in the absence of the President.

4.11     The Vice-President will notify team captains of any or all suspended players.

4.12     The Vice-President shall be in charge of the waiting list.

4.13     The Vice-President can be a signing Officer of the league.

4.14    The Vice-President shall have such other powers and duties as may from time to time be assigned to him.




4.15   The Secretary shall, when present, act as recording secretary at all meetings of the league, shall have charge of the minute’s and documentations.

4.16    The Secretary shall have one vote in all club matters.

4.17   The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings in good order and shall provide them when requested by the President.

4.18   The Secretary shall act as custodian of all inactive league records, files, and financial documents.

4.19   The Secretary shall have such other powers and duties as may from time to time be assigned to him or as are incident to his position or office.

4.20   The Secretary will look after all email and social media communications to the league players as directed by the President.





4.21   The Treasurer shall have the care and custody of all the funds of the League and shall deposit the same in the name of the League in such bank as approved by the President.

4.22    The Treasurer shall have one vote in all club matters.

4.23   The Treasurer shall keep an up-to-date record of all financial transactions of the B035SL.

4.24  The Treasurer will be required to have his name on the league banking information or account, along with the President and Vice-President. Known here on in as “officers”.

4.25  The Treasurer must have his signature present all cheques, plus one other officer must have his signature on all cheques. No cheques without two signatures of officers will be issued or processed.

4.26    The Treasurer shall keep an up-to-date register of all active players and fee payments.

4.27  The Treasurer shall make available the account of B035SL to be audited/prepared annually, following the end of the fiscal year-end(November 30th), by an external auditor approved by the Executive.

4.28  The Treasurer shall also make available to the President the year end books to be presented for approval at the Annual General Meeting.

4.29   The Treasurer shall have such other powers and duties as may from time to time be assigned to him President or as incident to his position or office.



Master’s Division Convener


4.30  The Convener of the Master’s Division shall be responsible for the affairs of the Masters division.

4.31 The convener shall be the liaison between both divisions and shall report back to the President.

4.32   The Convener shall have one vote in the matters of the club.

4.33  The Convener will be responsible for schedules, draft date, selection of captains, activities of the Master’s Division, calling a mid-season captains meeting, and making sure that players are familiar with the league rules/constitution.

4.34  Although this Division does not keep standings or uses referees, the Convener must ensure that the mandate, structure, safety, and integrity of players/league are enforced and regulated.



Player Rep.


4.35  The Player Rep is a non-Executive position, but more of an advisory position to the Executive Committee.

4.36    The Player Rep shall be up for election yearly at the yearly AGM.

4.37    The Player Rep shall have one vote in matters of the club.

4.38    This position may be appointed by the executive or brought to the AGM for election.

4.39    The Player Rep will only be required to attend meetings as requested by the President.

4.40    The Player Rep will be a liaison between the captains and players, to the Executive.

4.41   To convey captain and/or player inquiries/issues, the Player Rep is obligated to formally summarize their inquiry via email to both 1.) The League President via the general league email address, and 2.) All Captains emails and await reply from the President.





  1.    The Executive Committee, which may include captains (at the call of the President), will meet periodically throughout the year to monitor league activities.

  2.  The President shall hold a captains meeting at the midway point of the season, to review any concerns or issues. Two thirds of the captains plus Executive must attend meeting.   

  3.  The President shall call for a second captains meeting no later than two weeks after the last game of the season, where the main goal will be to review the season, review implemented rule changes, review suspensions, and or make recommendations for changes to the upcoming season.




6.0     The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the league will be held no later or prior to the second Tuesday in March of each year.

6.1       Executive Committee shall be responsible to set the date, time and location of the AGM, no less than two weeks (14 Days) prior to the date.

  1. All players shall be given advanced notice of the meeting and posted on the league website.



  1.       An agenda must be prepared for this meeting and shall be as follows;



      Minutes of previous AGM

      Treasurer’s report

      Constitution amendments

      Election of Executive (if applicable)

      Proposed rule changes from the year end captains meeting the year prior.

      New Business

      Open Questions



6.4       Elections of the Executive Committee Positions, will take place at the AGM during the final year of the term.

6.5       Only paid players, not paid waiting list players, may attend this meeting or be able to

             cast one vote.

6.6       The Executive reserves the right to continue with the AGM should the required amount

            for a quorum not be present.




  1. The office of a member of the Executive Committee may be vacated by resignation in writing, unwilling to perform the positions duties, or if a member is removed by resolution of the Executive Committee for good and sufficient cause.

  2. If the office of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, or Convener, shall become vacant by reason of death, resignation, and disqualification or otherwise, the Executive may elect or appoint someone to fill such vacancy.

  3. Anyone on the Executive cannot take a leave from their office for a period greater than two (2) months. This will be the equivalent to resigning from the executive.

  4. This vacancy shall be up for election at the next AGM.





8.1       The Executive Committee may make changes to the constitution, as they deem necessary to ensure that the high standards of the league are maintained.

  1. Such changes must be circulated to players, via email or website, before being put into effect.

  2. All proposed amendments to the constitution must be made in writing and forwarded to the league Secretary and/or President no later than two weeks prior to the AGM.

  3. If any challenges to an amendment arise, it must be put to a vote at the AGM.



  1. A quorum of (50 % plus 1) of all paid register players must be present to make or vote upon any amendments to the constitution.

  2. In the event that an amendment is not passed because less than the minimum required number of registered players attend (or proxies) to vote, the executive reserves the right to deny the amendment or have the executives only vote on the amendment, by secret ballot.

  3. Players that cannot attend an AGM, may proxy their vote in by way of special email (or other) to the Secretary or Executive 7 days in advance of the AGM.

  4. No player shall be permitted to proxy a vote for any other member, which may not be able to attend the AGM.




9.0      BO35SL shall schedule a minimum of one (1) physical registration in conjunction with an online option for pre-registration for the upcoming outdoor season.

9.1       Over 35 Division - men who are becoming 35 years of age or older during the year of the current season.  Men who are under the age of 35 (25-34 yrs. old) may play the position of goalkeeper, but only if the league does not have enough goalkeepers that are 35 or older.

9.2       Masters Division - Men who are becoming 48 years of age or older during the year of the current season. Under age players are eligible to play goal.

9.3     A “player” means an individual who is in compliance with the rules established by the Brantford Over 35 Soccer League.

9.4     Players are required to sign the league waiver and release form of legal liability in favour of the Executive, league, other players, and facility owners.

9.5      Players shall be required to pay membership fees as determined by the Executive.

9.6      Player fees are non-refundable.

9.7    Registration fees, registration forms, and waiver release form must be completed and submitted in order for the registration to be completed.

9.8     Waiting list players must pay registration fee to hold a position on the list. This fee will be refunded should a waiting list player not be placed on a team.

9.9    The Executive, for just cause or reasoning other than race or color, has every right to refuse registration to the league




10.1     Annual registration fees shall be set, presented at the AGM, and approved, before the League Executive may execute them. This must be done at the AGM prior to the year the new fees take effect.

10.2     Player fees must be paid at the time of registration, no non paid players will be placed on the draft list or entered into the team draft.

10.3    An administration fee of $25.00 will be applied to all N.S.F. cheques.

10.4   Player registration fees are not to be considered as a year over year membership fee.

10.5  The paid registration fee only covers the player for the duration of the soccer season for which he is expecting to play. The player will have access to all that the B035SL has to offer during this period only.

10.6   The player participation ends after the last game of the season. The player must have paid the total playing fee to attend any meetings of the League.

10.7    Paid register players will have one vote at the AGM.

10.8   The Executive committee must approve any alternate financial arrangement for payment of fees.





11.1     Registration date, time, and location must be posted, and/or advertised in advance by way of newspaper, media, or website.

11.2    After the registration date and the required number of openings are filled, the Executive is required to establish a waiting list.



12.0     The President or the Vice-President shall not hold a position of captain.

12.1     However from time to time should the need arise in an extreme situation, and only by a special meeting of 2/3rds of captains and Executives, can they be voted into a position of becoming a captain.

12.2     The captain’s duties are to form a team from the league’s draft, communicate the league’s rules & regulations to their players and ensure their players abide by the league’s rules & regulations.

12.3     The captains will be the liaison to the executive if there are concerns or issues regarding league rules & regulations. These must be reported to the Player Rep.

12.4    Give all players equal opportunity to play during games regardless of ability.

12.5    Set a good example for the players at the game.

12.5    Captains must make every effort to attend all meetings. (As called upon by the President)

12.6   Captains are selected from the registration form and only those who have been in the league and in good standing for two (2) consecutive years will be considered.

12.7    The final decision as to whom will be selected as captains will be at the discretion of the Executive.

12.8   Should a captaincy position be vacated due to, injury, resignation, death, quitting, or termination from the league due to suspension, the League Executive will assign or select, another player from that team to continue on in that role as an acting captain until the end of the season. This must be approved by the Executive to be official. The league will send a notice via email to all existing captains of any captain assignment changes during the season.

12.9    If applicable and at the request of the President, provide a report summary of all or any player(s) on their team that did not fulfill any of the player commitments outlined in this constitution e.g.  Poor attendance etc.

12.10   If required, assist the referee of escorting players who receive red card dismissals off the field and from the facility in a timely manner.

12.11  If absent for a game, notify the league and other captain via email of the player who will be assigned as the captain for that game. Such player shall make himself known as the game captain to the ref.

12.12   Must take the coin toss at beginning of game.





13.1     Each division will hold separate draft. The executive will decide the date, time, location and the format of the draft.




  1. A waiting list will come into effect after the league has fulfilled the appropriate number of players per team.

  2. Players from the waiting list will be required to pay full registration to hold their position on the waiting list.

  3. The purpose of the waiting list is to replace players who are permanently lost to a team.

  4. When a team loses a player, the team captain must inform the Executive Committee,

and appropriate action will be ruled upon.

14.5     A player missing 3 consecutive weeks or more and has not contacted or who cannot be reached by their respective captain, will be reported by the captain to the Executive Committee for appropriate action and/or replacement.

14.6     Players that have been replaced, are out for the balance of the year, both regular season and playoffs.

14.7    The waiting list will be closed off by the end of week 5 in the schedule, and on week 5 the Executive will supplement players to teams. Priority goes to teams that require 2 or more replacement players first. The selection of players will be drawn from a hat and is not intended to replace caliber/skill, but to replace a player for player.

14.8    Captains must state their needs for replacement by week 4.

14.9  Once the season commences, the league is obligated to provide a weekly waiting list summary update via email to all the captains up until the Week #5 waiting list player distribution.

14.10   At the end of the season, the league is to prepare of summary of those players who did not fulfill their league attendance commitments due to injury, work or are not in good standing.




  1. Brantford Over 35 Soccer League shall appoint a referee coordinator.

  2. The Executive will meet with the coordinator to approve officiating fees.

  3. Referees shall be assigned to each game by the referee coordinator. Schedule must be submitted to the Secretary.

  4. The referee coordinator shall be responsible for payment to each referee.

  5. The referee coordinator shall supply the Executive with a list of the purposed referees.

  6. The referee coordinator must make sure that referees are familiar with the league rules.

  7. If a referee is not available, or the assigned referee fails to show, then whichever League Executive present at the field shall take full responsibility for delegating another referee/captain/executive to referee the game. This must be reported back to the coordinator.

  8. Acting referees shall be eligible to issue cautions or ejections if necessary as per the rules of soccer and the league constitution; decisions made by the acting referee are final, as if made by an assigned referee, and shall not be challenged by any player.

  9. The referee coordinator shall take whatever measures are necessary to correct a problem with assigned referees not showing up.

  10. Assigned referees will follow FIFA laws of the game and any additional guidelines provided by BO35SL.

  11. Referees shall email a report to the coordinator of any offence(s) committed on or off the field during a league activities. The referee will provide no other input with respect to discipline unless requested by the Executive.

  12. The referee shall email the coordinator all scores, who in turn will forward to the secretary.

  13. The referee coordinator at the call of the President shall make himself available to assist in any disciplinary actions.






16.1   It is the responsibility of each registered player to honour the commitment made to the league and to his assigned team.

16.2   All players will conduct themselves in accordance with the aims, objectives, and spirit of the BO35SL.

16.3   The BO35SL as tenants of the Paris Soccer League, for the use of WIFO soccer fields, players must abide by the Paris Soccer League Inappropriate Behavior and Activities Policy. Players shall assume responsibility for any actions taken against them and the league shall be absolved from any actions of damages by a player. (Appendix B)

16.4   All players must inform their captains of anticipated absences, whether this is due to injury, work or vacations.

16.5    Failure to report will be regarded as a now show and will then fall under article 14.5.

16.6   It is the player’s responsibility to make every effort to attend scheduled games on time and ready to play.

16.7   All players must wear provided team jersey for each league game.

16.8  An injured player that attends the games but does not play has demonstrated commitment to the team and will not be considered a no show.

16.9  All players will endeavour to support BO35SL sanctioned events e.g. The Annual Banquet and the Annual General Meeting.

16.10   All players will endeavour to support team sponsors, from either division, in particular the player’s assigned team sponsor.

16.11   Players are discouraged from aggressive behavior and should make every effort to reduce the potential where other players could be injured.

16.12   You shall not engage in foul and abusive language directly or indirectly at executive members, referees, players, teammates or spectators, on or off the soccer field. Respect the wives and small children that attend to watch the games.

16.13    Do whatever necessary to calm down teammates and avoid escalation of aggressive behavior.

16.14   To support the team captain in enforcing the rules established by the league.

16.15    Walk away and not argue any calls with the referee. Let the referee call the game.

16.16   Respect the facilities and the neighbourhood in and around the soccer field(s) and agree not to participate in any littering of the fields where BO35SL is operating.

16.17   Players will not engage in drinking alcoholic beverages outside the permitted designated area.

16.18   Obey all smoking regulations of the facility and away from player benches.

16.19   Players must understand violation of these guidelines can result in discipline from the league executive and/or expulsion.

16.20   All players should recognize, and value, the efforts of the Executive Committee on their behalf.

16.21  Players are not permitted to consume alcohol prior to their scheduled games and if found doing so will be suspended from participation of that game.





17.1    The Executive Committee may constitute such committees as it deems necessary to ensure the efficient administration of its affairs.

17.2     The President shall be an ex-officio member of all standing committees.





18.1 The BO35SL shall support and maintain the principles and laws of the game as established by the International Football Association and recognised by F.I.F.A., except to accommodate differences in climatic conditions or player age or rules and policies specific to the league.

18.2  The Executive may make such miscellaneous rules and regulations as may be deemed necessary to promote, development, and govern the game of soccer. Any changes to the rules and regulations that have the potential to impact the standings in a current season shall not be brought into force until the following playing season.

18.3   No such regulation may violate the individual’s rights and freedoms of any individual, and to ensure the stability of the basic structure of the game.





19.1   The BO35SL is not responsible for the sale or access to liquor on the premises of where the league games are played.

19.2  The league is not responsible to provide reasonable access to liquor when deciding or negotiating where to play the soccer games for that season(s).

19.3  The Executive may, but is not required to, negotiate the sale of liquor on behalf of the players, if applicable.

19.4   Open liquor in a public, non-licensed area, is a violation of the provincial act in Ontario. As is operating a vehicle under the influence of liquor.

19.5  Should these practices jeopardize any relationships or contracts with the BO35RSL and/or other agencies, the player is solely liable for any costs to the league.

19.6   The player will also be viewed as being in direct opposition to the BO35RSL mandate and mission statement. This could result in a suspension/expulsion from the BO35RSL, and will be decided on by a special meeting of the Executive Committee.





20.0     The BO35SL strives to be good stewards in the soccer communities.

20.1   The Executive, on an annual basis provides donations on behalf of the BO35SL to support/assist minor soccer teams or programs.

20.2     There may from time to time be the need for special circumstances for donations. These must be forwarded to the Executive in writing to qualify their cause. Granted donations and amounts will then be awarded based at the discretion of the Executive Committee.






 21.1   League funds within the organization are used for the purpose of managing the league affairs, the betterment of the league, and stewardship in the community by means of donations (Article 20) and for the general betterment of the league.

21.2    If the league is dissolved, assets/funds of the league shall be utilized to repay all debts and liabilities of the league. Upon repayment of such obligations, the remaining asset surplus shall be donated to charitable non-profit organizations as elected upon by the acting Executive Committee.





22.1   Members of the Executive or other servants of the BO35SL, their heirs, executors, administrators and estate and effects respectively shall be indemnified and saved harmless at all times by the league against all costs, losses and expenses incurred by them respectively in or about the discharge of their respect duties, except such as happens from their own respective willful neglect or default.




23.1    A Disciplinary Committee shall consist of a minimum of three members picked by the President and approved by the Executive.

23.2   The President shall be an automatic member on this Committee and he shall be responsible for the selection of a Chairman.

23.3     Disciplinary meetings shall be held when found necessary by the Disciplinary Committee Chairman.

23.4   A quorum of three, plus the President, shall be present at all Disciplinary Committee meetings.

23.5    If necessary, the Disciplinary Committee Chairman shall cast the deciding vote.

23.6    A majority decision of the Disciplinary Committee shall determine the disciplinary action and/or suspension applicable to any player found guilty of an on/or off field offense.

23.7   Disciplinary Committee appeals may be made against decisions rendered by the league’s Disciplinary Committee.

23.8   Disciplinary Committee Appeals shall be made in writing to the league Executive within 3 days or 72 hours of the decision.





24.1    Any players ejected from any league game for receiving a red or two yellow cards shall be referred to the Disciplinary Committee by the match referee by way of email or other within 48 hours of the offense.

24.2   Upon receipt of the Referee report the Disciplinary Committee will advise the player, captains, and Executive in writing or email, the length of any automatic suspensions as per the league guidelines. Such suspensions shall be immediate. Additional suspensions may be assessed after the committee has reviewed the referee report or incident.

24.3    Any player receiving a red card can immediately request a Discipline by hearing (DBH) with the Disciplinary Committee within 72 hours of the event.

24.4    Should the Disciplinary Committee consider that additional sanction is warranted or should be considered, the Disciplinary Committee shall use the DBR/DBH (discipline by review/hearing) system. Upon written notifications by the Disciplinary Committee that the referees report has been received the accused will have 72 hours to request in writing or email to the Disciplinary Committee Chairman a hearing under the DBH system.

24.5    Should the player elect to forego a DBH the Disciplinary Committee will hold a DBR meeting at the earliest opportunity. The Disciplinary Committee will assess any discipline based on the discipline by review (DBR), incorporating the referee’s report, the league’s guidelines, and any additional information provided or requested by the committee.

24.6   The Disciplinary Committee will have the authority to administer sanctions as it determines is necessary.

24.7      A majority decision of the Disciplinary Committee shall determine the disciplinary action and/or suspension applicable to any player found guilty of an on/or off field offense.

24.8    With respect to discipline concerning any on or off the field action contravening the aims and objectives of the league: such action may be given in writing to the Executive Committee who will refer the complaint to the Disciplinary Committee for investigation.

24.9    Any player who willfully plays, or any team captain who allows a player to play, who is found to be ineligible, shall be subject to disciplinary action.

24.10  If any accused player does not request a Discipline by Hearing (DBH) as per Article      24.3, then a Discipline by Review (DBR) meeting shall be held.

  1.  Decisions made under the DBR system cannot be appealed.

  2. The League will be obligated to provide a weekly Disciplinary Summary update (showing all dismissals and suspensions) via email to all league Captains.





Please remember…..


25.1     This league was set up for the individuals who want to play this game for fun, recreation, and acceptable competitiveness. If you cannot follow our simple rules, and or conduct yourself in a respectful manner towards Executives, fellow players, game officials, facility representatives, and or visitors/family members- then this league is not for you.

25.2     There is a zero tolerance policy for foul & abusive language against any game official, executive, fellow player, facility representatives or spectators. Excessive violent conduct and excessive alcohol consumption will not be tolerated, and will be subject to suspended playing privileges.






Abuse: To mistreat


Harassment: harassment is the improper behavior related to one or more prohibited grounds that is offensive and which the person knew, or reasonably have known would be inappropriate or unwelcome. The behavior can be verbal or physical and can occur on a one-time, repeated or continuous basis. A person does not have to intend to harass for the behavior to be harassment. Harassment can take many forms but generally involves conduct, comment or display that is but not limited to insulting, intimidating, humiliating, hurtful, demeaning, belittling, malicious, and degrading or otherwise cause offence, discomfort, or personal humiliation or embarrassment to person or group of persons.





28.1   The BO35SL has adapted a zero tolerance for any form of violent conduct on the field or   off the field directed at any Executive member, Ref, player, spectator, or facility employee.

28.2    This shall be defined as any incident that puts the above mentioned in any serious risk of danger.

28.3    Any player deemed to have acted in a violent manner shall be punished in accordance to the ruling. (See Appendix A)

28.4   The Violent Conduct ruling is a league rule and not a divisional rule. Punishment in one division flows into the other division.

28.5    Any player receiving a violent conduct ejection must leave the park and/or clubhouse immediately and shall be banned from all BO35SL sanctioned functions.





27.1     Players are required to respect and follow the rules and regulations adopted by the BO35Sl









Non-Violent Conduct          Any incident that does not put another player in any serious risk of danger.

                                             Defined as bumping, pushing or any verbal abuse towards another player or league official.

                                             Determination and ruling is made by game official and will follow the league’s disciplinary guidelines.


Violent Conduct                  Any incident that puts another player or league official in serious risk of danger.

                                             Defined as punching or swinging (contact or not), kicking in a dangerous manner, head-butting, biting, spitting, racial slurs and any over abusive foul language.

                                             Determination and ruling is made by the game official, and further enforcement may involve input from the league executive.


                                             First offence – Red card (1 game suspension) and additional 3 week suspension + $ 50 fine.

Second offence – Red card, league suspension and life-time ban.







PSC Inappropriate Behaviours and Activities Policy


Behaviour and activities that obstruct or hinder the rights of others to use

and enjoy PSC facilities or compromises the safety of others is unacceptable and prohibited.

Inappropriate behaviour and activities for the purpose of this policy includes, but is not limited to, the following:

a) Aggressive or intimidating verbal assaults;

b) Threats and/or attempts to intimidate;

c) Deliberate throwing of articles in an aggressive disruptive manner;

d) Actual or attempted physical assaults of another person;

e) Attempts to goad or incite violence in others;

f) Theft of property;

g) Possession of weapons;

h) Vandalism to buildings, structures or property owned or leased through PSC;

i) Intoxication, being under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

j) Conduct that is known to be unwelcome as defined by the Ontario Human

Rights Code. This may include the wearing of attire, the displaying of material

or the use of language that is intolerant of human rights;

k) Use of profanity or obscene language in contravention of City by-laws or


l) Causing unsanitary conditions (i.e. chewing tobacco, expulsion of bodily

 fluids, urinating etc.);

m) Blocking thoroughfares/corridors/stairways/exits;

n) Engaging in horseplay or sexual activity;

o) The use of all cell phones, cameras, pda’s and all electronic equipment with

photographic abilities in change rooms and public washrooms


Enforcement Options

PSC’s primary responsibility is our duty of care to patrons and

staff. If at any time patrons or staff feel personally threatened, they

are to call the Police immediately. It is NOT the expectation that

staff or patrons put themselves at risk or jeopardize their safety in

dealing with any perceived or real threatening situation.

In accordance with the Occupiers Liability Act, the Occupational Health

and Safety Act, the Trespass to Property Act, the Criminal Code and

other Provincial Legislation, staff are authorized to provide enforcement

options if inappropriate behaviours or activities are

observed or reported.



Enforcement Protocol

a) Individuals who engage in any inappropriate behaviour, as defined in

this policy, may, depending on the severity, be served with a trespass

notice. In the event of a trespass notice being served for inappropriate

behaviour, the final terms of the notice will be determined by the PSC Board of Directors.

b) Appropriate staff in facilities and or geographic areas will be notified

of individuals who have received a notice of trespass from PSC

properties, facilities and programs.

c) Incidents will be reported to the Ontario Provincial Police if deemed necessary,

and charges may follow.


Upon witnessing or receiving a report on inappropriate behaviours;

enact the following procedures and contact the police immediately;

a) Access situation; seek input/support from other staff and

board members.

b) Ask individual(s) to cease inappropriate behavior.

c) Inform individual(s) that they will be asked to leave if inappropriate behaviour does not cease.

d) If behaviour has not ceased – inform individual(s) to leave

or police will be called.

e) Call Police and Serve a trespass notice as deemed warranted.

f) Advise a PSC Board Member immediately.

g) Prepare incident report including; activity, action taken, identification of offender, including name, phone number and address, date, location and time. Ensure copy of report goes to the PSC Board of Directors.  Include any video/still pictures to document incident and/or damages.