O35 Indoor Standings

Press Release - 06-23-20

2020 Outdoor Season

Final decision has been reached and the executive group has officially cancelled the 2020 outdoor season. 


Primary reasoning factoring into the decision is due to the many "return to play" game modifications that need to be implemented, along with the liability issues with any chance of Covid-19 infection cases resulting from league participation. Bottom line is that we feel we cannot operate well and properly enough to completely provide a safe and protected environment for our player group and our game officials.


And as well, we have not been given any positive move forward news from the County or Paris Soccer Club with respects to fields being opened any time soon. 


All this considered, we feel it's in the best interest of everyone involved that we cancel play this year, and trust our group is in support of this decision. Please contact the league for information regarding a refund or credit towards the next registration.  


Thank you and sincerely,


Vince, Les and John

Brantford Over-35 Executive 

ONLINE REGISTRATION is now available again. Just click the button above. 


Indoor-Week 20 Over 35 Results- March 8

H&S  6-2  Rossini

Touch Up  5-1  Luciani

Co-op  11-6  Nofrills

JoseF  8-7  T&C

Indoor-Week 19 Over 35 Results- March 1

Co-op  7-3  T&C

H&S  3-0  Nofrills

Luciani  4-2  Rossini

Touch Up  9-3  JoseF

Indoor-Week 18 Over 35 Results- February 23

Rossini  4-2  Touch Up

JoseF  9-2  Co-op

H&S  6-5  T&C

Luciani  5-4  Nofrills

Indoor-Week 17 Over 35 Results- February 9

Josef  7-4  H&S

Nofrills 7-4  Rossini

Co-op  8-1  Touch Up

T&C  9-7  Lucianis

Indoor-Week 16 Over 35 Results- February 2

Touch Up  3-2  Nofrills

Lucianis  4-3  JoseF

H&S  4-3  Co-op

T&C  4-2  Rossini

Indoor-Week 15 Over 35 Results- January 26

Lucianis  2-1  Co-op

Nofrills  4-2  T&C

JoseF  4-1  Rossini

H&S  4-2  Touch Up

Indoor-Week 14 Over 35 Results- January 19

Co-op  7-3  Rossini

H&S  3-2  Lucianis

T&C  5-0  Touch Up

JoseF  7-7  Nofrills

Indoor-Week 13 Over 35 Results- January 12

JoseF  5-4  T&C

Nofrills  6-2  Co-op

Lucianis  5-2  Touch Up

H&S  5-3  Rossini


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