O35 Indoor Standings

Press Release – April 13, 2020


In keeping you all informed, our optimism will always be moving forward and hoping a window will be soon opened where we can start our planning for a shortened soccer season. 


Overall lots of good things are happening in our communities, our province and our country with regards to adhering to social distancing and protocols.  So this also give us further confidence that we are moving in the right direction and things are slowly going to improve - we certainly believe that is the case!


That being said, the executive group is in agreement that by the end of April (that would be another 2+ full weeks of having people exercise the social protocols), we could have a brighter outlook as to when we can hopefully set some preliminary start-up dates.


I know we all are raring to go with many things outside of our personal isolations, and for most of us our Sunday soccer has provided us with many good times.  We all are missing the fellowship, the friendly competition and the many other social benefits that our league provides.


0-35 Executive

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Indoor-Week 20 Over 35 Results- March 8

H&S  6-2  Rossini

Touch Up  5-1  Luciani

Co-op  11-6  Nofrills

JoseF  8-7  T&C

Indoor-Week 19 Over 35 Results- March 1

Co-op  7-3  T&C

H&S  3-0  Nofrills

Luciani  4-2  Rossini

Touch Up  9-3  JoseF

Indoor-Week 18 Over 35 Results- February 23

Rossini  4-2  Touch Up

JoseF  9-2  Co-op

H&S  6-5  T&C

Luciani  5-4  Nofrills

Indoor-Week 17 Over 35 Results- February 9

Josef  7-4  H&S

Nofrills 7-4  Rossini

Co-op  8-1  Touch Up

T&C  9-7  Lucianis

Indoor-Week 16 Over 35 Results- February 2

Touch Up  3-2  Nofrills

Lucianis  4-3  JoseF

H&S  4-3  Co-op

T&C  4-2  Rossini

Indoor-Week 15 Over 35 Results- January 26

Lucianis  2-1  Co-op

Nofrills  4-2  T&C

JoseF  4-1  Rossini

H&S  4-2  Touch Up

Indoor-Week 14 Over 35 Results- January 19

Co-op  7-3  Rossini

H&S  3-2  Lucianis

T&C  5-0  Touch Up

JoseF  7-7  Nofrills

Indoor-Week 13 Over 35 Results- January 12

JoseF  5-4  T&C

Nofrills  6-2  Co-op

Lucianis  5-2  Touch Up

H&S  5-3  Rossini


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