O35 Indoor Standings

Press Release – April 3, 2020


At this point we officially have closed off the 2019/20 Indoor season.  Current circumstances with the facility closure and adhering to proper social distancing protocols, this decision is in the best interests of our players and the league.  Congrats again to Sheldon and the H&S Machine team as League Champs for 2019/20.


From a league’s perspective, our next steps will be preparing for the start-up of the outdoor session.  Many factors depend on how and when we will be rolling out the appropriate steps that will allow us to manage the process of starting up league play this summer?  There have been ideas discussed on what a shortened season will look like?  And again, the move forward plan is totally dependent on adhering to all the social protocols and approvals from Wifo Park and Paris SC?


More information and updates will follow in the weeks ahead, and our hope is that there will be some summer soccer played this year?  Trusting all are safe and you are exercising your social responsibilities in order to collectively get our lives back to normality soon!


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Indoor-Week 20 Over 35 Results- March 8

H&S  6-2  Rossini

Touch Up  5-1  Luciani

Co-op  11-6  Nofrills

JoseF  8-7  T&C

Indoor-Week 19 Over 35 Results- March 1

Co-op  7-3  T&C

H&S  3-0  Nofrills

Luciani  4-2  Rossini

Touch Up  9-3  JoseF

Indoor-Week 18 Over 35 Results- February 23

Rossini  4-2  Touch Up

JoseF  9-2  Co-op

H&S  6-5  T&C

Luciani  5-4  Nofrills

Indoor-Week 17 Over 35 Results- February 9

Josef  7-4  H&S

Nofrills 7-4  Rossini

Co-op  8-1  Touch Up

T&C  9-7  Lucianis

Indoor-Week 16 Over 35 Results- February 2

Touch Up  3-2  Nofrills

Lucianis  4-3  JoseF

H&S  4-3  Co-op

T&C  4-2  Rossini

Indoor-Week 15 Over 35 Results- January 26

Lucianis  2-1  Co-op

Nofrills  4-2  T&C

JoseF  4-1  Rossini

H&S  4-2  Touch Up

Indoor-Week 14 Over 35 Results- January 19

Co-op  7-3  Rossini

H&S  3-2  Lucianis

T&C  5-0  Touch Up

JoseF  7-7  Nofrills

Indoor-Week 13 Over 35 Results- January 12

JoseF  5-4  T&C

Nofrills  6-2  Co-op

Lucianis  5-2  Touch Up

H&S  5-3  Rossini


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